Welcome!  As we kick off, I'd like to take some time to introduce exactly who and what Bike Friendly Texas is all about.  I've been a lifelong bicyclist, although I don't fit the mold that you'd think.  I'm not the small petite framed lightweight that you typically think of when someone says they are a bicyclist.  I wasn't blessed with those genetics, nor the circumstances to provide that type of stature.  I grew up flat broke, working on farms, doing odd jobs and just plain struggling to survive.  With that, came all of the bad habits where food is concerned.  You name it, literally everything from eating what you could find because there was nothing else, to overeating when you had resources not knowing any different.  It is simply amazing how you can be that 235 pound high school kid working farms and bicycling to get "places" because you were the one without a car, then balloon up to that 350 plus pound adult once real life kicks in.  I digress, I'm not here to whine about how bad I had it growing up.  I'm a bit beyond that now at nearly 50 years old.  
What I am here to do however is share bits and pieces of my story with ya'll on this journey toward improvement(getting healthy again), and along the way together we will discover some great things to see and do here in Texas - where I live, and elsewhere (send me travel suggestions).  I hope to showcase the best my state has to offer to inspire you (my viewers) to visit this great state and start your own journey of improvement, even if only in your local area.  My hope is to inspire each of you to be just a bit better today than you were yesterday and continue building yourself everyday after (maybe even share some of your story too).
When you click on the Texas flag above, you will be taken to my YouTube channel, which is where you'll see all of the places that I bring my bicycle: the local attractions/restaurants/hotels/museums, etcetera that are all bicycle friendly.  You'll see that good days, the bad days, the hot days, the I don't want to pedal days - but I'm pedaling anyway.  We will go over bicycle travel, maintenance, theft prevention... the lists could go on for ever.  The only thing I ask is that you not judge too harshly, I'm learning a lot of this as I go along.  So, let's lace up our shoes go get in the saddle and start this pedaling journey!
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